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Let's partner together in the immigration process.

A Win-Win Opportunity For Potential EB5 Green Card Applicants

Your immigration clients deserve a path to America that is as unencumbered as possible in order to fulfill their hopes and dreams in the United States of America.

The USA is a land built by immigrants. The Statue of Liberty that welcomed scientists, educators, artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs and others to come and build this country continues to shine its light today. The United States recognizes that it owes its rich heritage, cultural diversity and incredible ingenuity to people the world over. It was immigrants coming to America who saw the “Golden Door” shining by the light of the Statue’s Lamp as an opportunity to make their dreams a reality. Unfortunately, the opportunity to immigrate has become much more complicated today, and laws governing the process have become stricter. While there are still several pathways to become a US citizen, most are time-consuming and tedious endeavors.


EB5 Green Cards; A Better Path for Investors

For your clients, however, there is a better way. The EB5 Green Card investor program allows higher net worth investors the opportunity to invest in America, while significantly decreasing the amount of time and effort they would otherwise spend in gaining US citizenship.

The EB5 Green Card visa is a direct path to permanent US residency for the foreign investor and his or her family, and the qualifications are straight-forward: In order to qualify the investor must invest at least $500,000 in a new commercial enterprise and create 10 jobs.


The Unique FEGF Regional Center EB5 Green Card Program

On face value, the requirements may continue to look somewhat cumbersome. Getting a new business – even a small one – up and running often takes quite a bit of planning and more than a few hours on the part of the investor. What is unique about the program developed by Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center is that the EB5 green card immigrant investor can actually satisfy this requirement by being a shareholder or a limited partner and by simply being involved in helping to set policy in the investment project’s ownership equity.

Our Regional Center has been approved by USCIS for EB5 Green Card investments. As a Regional Center we take care of the day-to-day operations of running the business thus ensuring a sufficient number of jobs are created and that the business is profitable so that the investor is free to enjoy life in the United States. In addition, the investor also has the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of traveling world-wide via a US passport.

The basic premise of the visa is very straightforward, but the legal details can be complicated. That’s why we feel it's important for immigrant investors to work with an experienced EB5 Green Card immigration attorney. That’s why we are set up to partner with you in a win-win situation for all parties.


Why would you want to partner with us?

Here at Florida Equity & Growth Fund Regional Center we know investments and what works to effectively grow returns for our investors. We are also focused on taking on low risk projects which demonstrate a realistic plan for job creation and economic growth in order to maintain EB5 Green Card regional center regulations. That’s why we seek to partner with you. We look to work with immigration attorneys who have experience with understanding the legal details regarding the EB5 Green Card law and the savvy to help their clients choose a program that best suits their needs. We feel it's important to work as a team with qualified immigration attorneys to more effectively meet the needs of those wealthy investors looking to gain visas for themselves and their families.

It's all about professional teamwork. We are committed to working closely with qualified immigration attorney's to ensure that we provide all the required information concerning the EB5 Green Card investment program, including such factors as: What is the nature of the business? What is the construction budget? Does the area surrounding the investment project constitute an area of sufficient unemployment to meet the job-hiring requirements?

Our goal is to make sure that the investment meets all the rigorous requirements of the EB5 Green Card program thus ensuring that the investment petition will meet final approval and the investor is well on the way to gaining US citizenship for his or her family. We have FTP sites that provide easy access for you to review our regional center organizational documents, approvals, as well as,deal level subscription agreements, operating agreements, private placement memorandums, master escrow account agreements, as well as, financial underwriting models, econometric studies supporting job requirements and market feasibility studies.

As an immigration attorney, it makes sense to partner a company that has international offices and a world-wide experienced staff to provide your clients with the best path to U.S. citizenship via the EB5 Green Card Visa Program. It makes sense to partner with Florida Equity and Growth Fund Regional Center. It makes sense to provide everyone a win-win opportunity.


Let's Talk.

If you’re representing someone looking to discover the rewards of an EB5 Green Card residency here in the U.S., contact us at FEGF and ask about the EB5 Green Card Immigrant Investor Program. We understand the importance of investors wanting to protect their families and fortunes, and we’re proud to help open America’s doors to the opportunity to build a new life while helping America grow. 

We're looking for successful EB5 Green Card qualified and approved investment brokers with high income foreign investor clients looking to take advantage of the EB5 green card program.
We offer an attractive finder'sl fee for qualified recommendations and leads that is based upon the level of investment you make in clients immigration efforts.

Please contact us today for a no obligation, no cost consultation to find out more.


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